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Customer Case - Application of large edge cutting robot in coal machine industry

Source:RoboticPlus.AI Release time:2023-07-12

RoboticPlus.AI  provides medium and thick plate plasma bevelling robot solution for a head coal machine manufacturing enterprise.

For the cutting scene of hydraulic support parts, RoboticPlus.AI  through self-developed industrial software RoBIM, combined with

advanced visual algorithms, to help customers solve the problem of large deviation of workpiece, difficult positioning of tooling,

low efficiency of manual teaching, and strong dependence on process experience.

1 Project pain point

1.Workpiece sizes and specifications are varied

The size and type of the workpiece of the hydraulic support are varied, and 100-500 kinds of different specifications of the groove workpiece need to be


2.Manual teaching is cumbersome

Traditional manual teaching, tooling needs extra time to insert and remove the limit pin, the operation is cumbersome, highly dependent on skilled operators,

high process requirements, teaching accuracy is difficult to control, low efficiency.

3.Workpiece positioning is time-consuming and labor-intensive

Traditional workpiece positioning, the use of limit pin, time and power consumption, different types of workpiece pin layout position are different.

4.Large deviation of incoming materials

The workpiece discharge is dense, the blanking is prone to defects and deviations, and the repeated cutting of a single procedure leads to the accumulation of

processing errors,which affects the subsequent welding quality.

5.Extra long workpieces are limited

The length of ultra-long workpieces is more than 4 meters, and the existing workstations for processing ultra-long workpieces are limited, mainly relying on

manual cutting,and only 1-2 teaching cutting stations can process ultra-long workpieces.

2 solution

1.Import drawings in batches to quickly generate groove parameters

After importing drawings in batches in RoBIM, the groove parameter setting can be completed in 20 seconds, the three-dimensional model can be automatically

generated,and the process of marking each workpiece in the two-dimensional software can be simplified, so as to meet the centralized editing, visual viewing and

unified production.

Groove parameter one key edit

2. Multi-workstation configuration to match different production modes

Two station cutting station

For the production mode of hydraulic support parts with few batches and many batches, the robot alternates between the two workstations,

and the personnel loading and unloading and the robot cutting are seamlessly connected, greatly improving the production efficiency.

Double station multi-workpiece automatic cutting

Extra long workpiece cutting station

Customized solutions for ultra-long workpieces, which maintain high quality and accuracy while machining large-scale workpieces, can

meet the specifications of 8-10 meters of hydraulic support for the processing of ultra-long workpieces.

Automatic cutting of long workpieces

3.The workpiece position is placed at will, easy and convenient loading and unloading

RoBIM software is embedded with a self-developed visual algorithm, which can locate the position and position of the workpiece,

save the time of loading and inserting and removing the limit pin, and automatically identify and process the workpiece without

straightening, making the loading and unloading operation easier and more convenient.

Easy manual feeding

Visual system coarse positioning of the workpiece

4.Intelligent algorithm assists incoming material reconstruction to achieve high-precision 3D correction

The large-boundary vision algorithm can accurately identify the deviation between the actual size of incoming materials and the drawing,

reconstruct the processing contour,correct the cutting path of the robot, and match the optimal algorithm to achieve the best cutting

effect. When the deviation exceeds the preset value, the algorithm system will provide the optimal solution strategy independently.


3.Multi-workpiece automatic processing, improves production efficiency

With advanced visual algorithms to analyze the contours of massive workpieces, automatic processing of the same batch or different

batches of multiple workpieces in a single workstation can be achieved, greatly reducing the frequency of manual loading and unloading

and reducing labor intensity.

Visually identify multiple artifacts

3 Customer revenue

1.Mass workpieces, one-click cutting

In the past, complex workpieces needed to be handled manually or spent a lot of time on manual teaching, but now it is only necessary to import

the workpiece drawings according to the operation process in RoBIM to achieve one-click processing.

2. Output value increased by 3.5 times

RoboticPlus.AI double station and ultra-long workpiece cutting station help customers in the production of high-end large mining height

hydraulic supports, the comprehensive output value of a single production cycle compared to ordinary supports increased by 3.5 times.


2.Increase production capacity by 2-4 times

Due to the wide variety of workpiece types contained in the high-end hydraulic support, the teaching and process debugging time

can be greatly saved through the large-scale vision system, and the production capacity of hundreds of small-batch workpieces can

be increased by 2-4 times.

3.Eliminate 1 teaching operator

With the RoboticPlus.AI Teaching Free system, you can get rid of the dependence on the teaching operation plant and only need to

retain ordinary loading and unloading workers. Each single station can save the labor cost of 1 skilled operator, and 1 worker can

take into account 2 workstations at the same time, cooperatively process multiple processing workpieces, and the efficiency is greatly improved.


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