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RoboticPlus.AI provides customized intelligent construction centers for universities and enterprises. By offering the graphic software ROBIM, intelligent robots and end effectors, and continuous training, it helps universities and enterprises meet their innovation and R&D goals, and empowers them in the ongoing development and test activities.


Scientific Research Project Application

Software Development

Laboratory Planning


Professional Equipment Integration

Courses & Workshops

Application case

South China University of Technology

3D cement printing allows students to explore different techniques and materials. They adjust cement mixes and printing settings to see how they affect the final outcome. This helps them become more creative and skilled at turning their ideas into reality.

Tsinghua University

The Virtual Reality Collaboration Workstation, with Augmented Reality Glasses, a Teaching Control Platform, Collaborative Robotic Arms, and RobimGH software, supports a variety of crafts through interactive work and teaching tasks.

Zhejiang University

The intelligent mold machining station can perform curved surface molding, including milling and hot wire cutting. With RobimGH, it can coordinate dual robotic arms to achieve complex 3D surface cutting and molding in a single operation.

Tianjin University

Composite mobile robots, with RobimGH software, let students and faculty automate palletizing in parametric wall construction without coding. This helps them explore new construction methods with unconventional materials more easily.

Dalian University of Technology

The smart 3D printing station, using RobimGH software, helps students and faculty conduct detailed research on building materials and digital construction by printing large plastic objects.

Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

The smart workstations use powerful robotic arms to handle various digital construction tasks like 3D printing and milling different materials. They can automatically swap tool heads as needed.