Next Generation Robotic System powered by AI

RoBIM relies on CAD-CAPP-CAM data flow, revolutionizing production methods in construction and manufacturing industries. It utilizes feature modeling and process adaptation to propel robotic production forward.

Core features

Linking Design & Manufacturing

Make it easier for designers and manufacturers to share and use data, optimize processes, and work together to prevent problems that can affect product quality during production.


Data and AI driven

Use computers to automatically understand drawings, pick out important details for making things, and find the best ways to do tasks, making planning more accurate.

Automated Process Libraries

Give users reliable recommendations for how to do tasks like cutting or painting by using a collection of pre-made decisions, which keeps getting better over time.

Digital Twin

Create a virtual world where robots can figure out the best routes and ways to make things without human help, making production safer and cheaper.

Multi-Sensor Fusion

Make robots better at understanding their surroundings, making decisions, and adjusting to changes, so they can keep working smoothly and adapt to different situations in production.

By harnessing RoBIM's core technology, RoboticPlus.AI has developed a range of products and services, including "Robim Cloud," "Smart Factory," and "Robotic System," to drive the intelligent transformation of industries such as construction, shipbuilding, energy, heavy industry, and others.

RoBIM Cloud

RoBIM Cloud, an intelligent robotics flexible production platform, is designed to assist manufacturing industry professionals in rapidly deploying robotics solutions. 

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Smart Factory

By leveraging data twin technology, the operations and workflows of a robotic production line can be seamlessly organized and synchronized, enabling real-time interaction with production data.

Robotic Systerm

Provide standardized and modular robot products, such as cutting, welding, grinding, steel bending, etc., which can be rapidly deployed for applications.