smart factory

Intelligent Bending Center

The intelligent bending robotic system, equipped with RobimBend, is primarily utilized in expansive engineering sectors like construction, roads, and bridges. Excelling in environments requiring precise and efficient rebar bending, these systems adeptly handle tasks of varying sizes. This enhances construction efficiency and quality considerably, while also accommodating customized needs.

Intelligent Robotic Bending Line

  Powered by RobimBend software, our line automatically handles rebar loading, bending, and unloading, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted production 24/7.

  Leveraging intelligent nesting algorithms, our system achieves a rebar utilization rate exceeding 99%, significantly reducing waste and driving down production costs.

  Versatile and adaptable to a variety of complex rebar types, our solution offers customizable options and scalability to meet diverse production requirements.

  We provide robust capacity statistics support, enhancing management efficiency by collecting comprehensive data across the entire rebar processing lifecycle.

Application case

China State Construction Railway Investment & Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CSCEC)

This state-of-the-art system, powered by six-axis robots and our advanced RobimBend software, revolutionizes steel processing with fully automated workflows. Engineered to efficiently handle diverse steel shapes, it maximizes material usage and production output.