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RoboticPlus.AI mold robot intelligently combines the cutting and carving abilities of industrial robot arms and is ideal for multi-dimensional milling of complex-shaped building components and large-scale building products. It has found wide applications in facade systems, urban furniture, and art sculptures that use GRC, GRG, FRP, UHPC, carbon fiber, and other composite materials.


Efficient Processing with Hot-Wire Foam Cutting Technology

The multi-axis robot arm is used to perform rough cutting of the foam and quickly complete the shaping process with 10 times the efficiency of traditional milling. Meanwhile, material waste is minimized.


User-friendly Interface

ROBIM automatically converts the geometric data of products into the machining program for robots. Everything is done in a single process without the trouble of drawing or process editing.

Automatic Change of Machining Tools

RoboticPlus.AI offers a wide range of milling tools and hot-wire foam cutting tools. The robot can quickly switch between different end tools as needed to ensure continuous machining and improve efficiency.


High Flexibility for Various Applications

The 6-axis robot arm works with an external axis track and rotating platform to perform multi-dimensional machining on large-scale and complex modeling components with excellent accuracy.


highly flexible production and processing requirements

the six-axis robotic arm is paired with an external shaft guide and an external shaft rotating platform to meet the multi-dimensional processing of large and complex moulding components while ensuring processing accuracy.

Application case

Mold robot

Mold robot

Mold robot

Mold robot