Curtain Wall and Structure Consultation


The main contents of the full-process curtain wall service include:

1.Curtain Wall System and Construction Node Optimization - considering the use of green and environmentally friendly materials to provide customers with low-carbon curtain wall solutions
2.Structural System Optimization - significantly reduce the engineering cost, shorten the construction period, and reduce carbon emissions
3.Cost and Schedule Optimization - through parametric design, geometry topology optimization, and curtain wall data calculation, the cost and schedule are optimized to improve project investment value; focuses on low-cost, low-energy prefabrication, reducing engineering costs and carbon emissions
4.Node Simulation - predict doubts and difficulties in the project in advance, and provide data support for engineering management and the use of low-carbon new materials
5.Cross-disciplinary Team Integration - by integrating architecture, structure, curtain wall, software, algorithms and engineering, to establish cross-disciplinary team, improve technical strength, serve owners, general contractors, architects, establish technical information bridge, and enhance community relationships