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Flexible Manufacturing Enters AIGC Era, Robticplus.AI Releases RoBIM CLOUD Cloud Computing Platform

Source:RoboticPlus.AI Release time:2023-07-20

On July 8, Roboticplus.AI was invited to attend the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) and released a new AI product - RoBIM Cloud. RoBIM Cloud, which took 3 years of research and development, is a cloud-native intelligent robot flexible production platform, dedicated to helping manufacturing practitioners quickly build and deploy robot solutions that can execute production. After years of scene practice in the construction, shipbuilding, construction machinery and energy industries, Roboticplus.AI has gradually formed a cross-industry "algorithm + data + process" model service capability, and accumulated and precipitated it into the RoBIM Cloud platform product. With the help of large models and AIGC, Roboticplus.AI hopes to join hands with customers and partners from all walks of life through RoBIM Cloud to jointly create a powerful robot AI assistant.

Existing industry issues

Not smart, not flexible

The common use scenario of industrial robots is to perform repetitive work, but when the environment changes, it cannot respond in time, and it needs to be guided by manual teaching. There is a lot of complicated debugging work, so it cannot adapt to the flexible production of small batches and multiple batches. Demand.

Three core technology base

Build AI products

Algorithm + Data + Process

Based on geometric algorithms and numerical optimization methods, combined with AI technology, Roboticplus.AI  has established a Modularization low-code algorithm library, and condensed the continuous accumulation of know-how and processes in the industry, providing users with a low-code programming-free Cloud Computing Platform to achieve massive One-click import and instant production of drawings and models.

 Four functional modules

Empowering all walks of life in flexible manufacturing


Robot "Spirit Realm" Digital Twin

Provide a full-featured simulation environment to realize the whole-link connection of virtual hardware, control processes and drawings. Support the expansion of multi-brand and full-category hardware such as robots, auxiliary tools and sensors, and have the ability to manage drawings and work together. Users can quickly simulate, analyze and optimize production processes by simply dragging and dropping to build a virtual factory, improving design efficiency.


Feature "Intelligence Analysis" Feature Analysis

Reading drawings is the first step in flexible production. The platform supports the analysis and access of DXF, GEN, IFC, NC, STEP and other format files. Whether it is flat or three-dimensional or even a large number of workpieces, the characteristic information can be intelligently perceived. Let robots understand various drawings and enable factories to achieve flexible production.


Process "Full Matching" Process Matching

The platform has accumulated a rich process database and continues to update and evolve, including welding, cutting, grinding, additive and subtractive manufacturing, etc. Through the feature-process transformation model, the process process self-decision-making and self-optimization can be realized, and the manual adjustment of parameters is time-consuming and laborious or the process knowledge gap can be solved to achieve lean production.


Model "as a service" Model as a service

In addition to providing the basic industrial robot flexible production PaaS development platform capabilities of equipment, algorithms, bus drivers and vision, Dajie can also develop customized flexible production models based on customer-specific drawings, characteristics and process data, targeted for practical application Scenarios to achieve intelligent model-driven flexible production experience.

For the four major users

Provide high value services


Digital smart factory planning can be carried out on the platform and construction strategies can be formed

2.Hardware suppliers

Comprehensive display of hardware products and strength, increase exposure, help technicians better understand hardware performance


Build, evaluate and demonstrate solutions to customers anytime, anywhere and more intuitively

4.Scientific research institutions

Provide an environment for algorithm testing and simulation to help carry out robotic or automated scientific research projects

RoBIM Cloud

Product video

RoBIM Cloud is expected to be officially launched on the official website of Roboticplus.AI in August. We will invite Subject-Matter Expert to conduct internal product testing in advance. Everyone is welcome to pay attention. At the same time, we will provide MaaS services for enterprise customers based on the powerful data, algorithms and automation capabilities of the RoBIM Cloud platform, so as to better empower the digital transformation of construction and manufacturing industries. Please stay tuned.

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