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Flexible Manufacturing Enters AIGC Era, Robticplus.AI Releases RoBIM CLOUD Cloud Computing Platform

Source:RoboticPlus.AI Release time:2023-07-20

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RoBIM Cloud, an intelligent robotics flexible production platform, is designed to assist manufacturing industry professionals in rapidly deploying robotics solutions. Drawing from extensive experience in construction, shipbuilding, and heavy industries, RoboticPlus.AI has integrated "algorithm+data+process" modeling capabilities into the RoBIM Cloud platform.

Algorithm, Data, and Process

Addressing the industry's existing challenges of inflexibility and lack of intelligence, RoBIM Cloud offers three core technology bases. By leveraging geometric algorithms, numerical optimization methods, and AI technology, we provide a low-code, programming-free cloud platform for seamless import and instant production of large-scale drawings and models. 

The platform consists of four functional modules

1. Digital Twin

Offering a comprehensive simulation environment, the Digital Twin enables users to simulate, analyze, and optimize production processes, enhancing design efficiency.

2. Feature Analysis:

Supporting various file formats, including DXF, GEN, IFC, and STEP, this module intelligently analyzes drawings to facilitate flexible production and ensure compatibility with diverse workpieces.

3. Process Matching:

With a continuously updated process database, this module enables self-decision and self-optimization of processes, ensuring lean production and eliminating manual adjustments.

4. Model as a Service:

In addition to providing basic industrial robot flexible production capabilities, this module offers customized production models tailored to customer-specific requirements, promoting intelligent model-driven flexible production.

RoBIM Cloud caters to four major user groups:

1. Factories

Enables planning and strategy-building for digitalized smart factories.

2. Hardware Suppliers

Facilitates comprehensive display of hardware products and assists technicians in better understanding hardware performance.

3. Integrators

Supports the development, evaluation, and presentation of solutions to customers in a more intuitive manner.

4. Research Institutions

Provides algorithm testing and simulation environments to facilitate robotics and automation research projects.

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