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New Product Launch: RobimCutProfile System Transforms Profile Cutting Industry

Source:RoboticPlus.AIRelease time:2024-04-10

In various industries like shipbuilding, offshore engineering, and construction, the demand for profile cutting is extensive, involving a wide range of shapes, specifications, and accuracy requirements. Currently, manual labor plays a significant role in the cutting process, leading to low efficiency and automation levels.

RobimCutProfile: A Revolutionary Solution

RoboticPlus.AI conducted thorough research on industry requirements and existing products to identify key technical challenges. Leveraging its expertise in geometry, robotic arm planning algorithms, and process knowledge, RoboticPlus.AI developed RobimCutProfile, an intelligent robot profile cutting system. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates with upstream CAD design software, allowing for direct conversion of nesting files into cutting programs. With a comprehensive process library and support for unlimited expansion, RobimCutProfile meets the complex cutting needs of any geometric shape.

Key Features of RobimCutProfile

1. Wide Processing Range

Supports a variety of profiles, including equal angle steel, flat steel, T-shaped steel, and more, enabling automatic processing of diverse shapes.

2. CAD Software Interface

Offers an open interface compatible with leading CAD software such as Tribon, AVEVA, CATIA, and others, facilitating automatic batch analysis.

3. Rich Macro Library

Equipped with a rich library covering over 100 profile types, with support for unlimited expansion, enabling quick adaptation to specific requirements.

4. Cutting-edge Nesting Algorithm

Maximizes material utilization through advanced nesting algorithms, minimizing waste and optimizing efficiency.

5. Autonomous Path Planning

Achieves optimal production solutions without offline or parametric programming, autonomously planning cutting paths, avoiding obstacles, and ensuring optimal robot motion.

6. Mature Process Algorithm Library

Ensures cutting accuracy and quality by integrating a comprehensive process algorithm library with plasma and flame cutting processes.

7. User-friendly Interface

Utilizes low-code technology to provide a highly intuitive interface, simplifying operation and eliminating the need for extensive training.

Applications and Deployment

RobimCutProfile has already been deployed in leading shipyards, where its high intelligence and flexibility have been widely recognized and appreciated by customers. Its implementation has significantly contributed to enhancing corporate competitiveness and driving digital transformation initiatives.

RobimCutProfile represents a groundbreaking advancement in profile cutting technology, offering unmatched efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use. Its adoption marks a significant step towards revolutionizing the cutting processes across various industries.

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