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RobimGH Launches on Food4Rhino: Now Accessible to Universities Worldwide!

Source:RoboticPlus.AIRelease time:2024-04-10

RobimGH x Food4Rhino

Food4Rhino, a leading Rhino and Grasshopper community, hosts RobimGH, offering cutting-edge algorithmic features like obstacle avoidance and external axis autoplanning for free. We encourage global collaboration and idea exchange on its features and applications.

Download the plugin:

Originating from our self-developed industrial software RoBIM, RobimGH simplifies robot operation with intuitive control via Rhino. Over the years, RoBIM's collaboration with industry leaders has enriched its process algorithm library. Leveraging IoT, big data, and machine learning, RobimGH has evolved into a comprehensive tool, providing verified algorithmic bases and production process insights.

In partnership with domestic universities, we've crafted comprehensive talent training programs for intelligent construction disciplines. Collaborations with institutions like Zhejiang University and Tongji University have led to successful projects integrating 3D printing, robotic arm milling, and other intelligent machining processes into RobimGH's platform. We've explored interdisciplinary fusion, incorporating technologies like machine vision and virtual reality, to expand the boundaries of AI-driven construction.

  1. Additive Manufacturing

    Leveraging RobimGH's algorithm library and extensive material knowledge, we offer software packages for various materials like plastic, clay, concrete, and metal. These packages enable efficient robotic arm 3D printing across diverse industries such as furniture, art, architecture, automotive, and aerospace.

  1. Subtractive Manufacturing

    RobimGH integrates multiple material reduction processes including foam, wood, and plastic composites. By combining cutting, punching, milling, and more, it ensures seamless integration between processes. Visual scanning and point cloud algorithms enable high-precision milling of complex shapes.

  2. Fiber Weaving

    RobimGH's carbon fiber fabrication algorithms optimize composite ratios for furniture, urban fixtures, and building construction. This innovative technology harnesses carbon fiber's high tensile strength and low weight, derived from extensive material testing.

  3. Motion Capture Human-Computer Interaction

    Utilizing motion capture technology, RobimGH accurately records and simulates human movements. It enables tasks like calligraphy and bartending, and offers real-time responses for interactive behaviors, akin to "human-machine dance".

  4. Composite Mobile Robot

    Our intelligent mobile chassis, integrated with RobimGH's advanced algorithms, evolves into a composite mobile robot. With human-robot integration and autonomous decision-making, it extends to welding, palletizing, and bricklaying in construction applications.

RobimGH x RoLAP

With thousands of users in Chinese architecture and civil engineering colleges, we've enhanced RobimGH's core code with cutting-edge features from RoLAP. These include autonomous obstacle avoidance, path planning, and sensing capabilities, empowering robotic arms to adapt swiftly and execute actions precisely in complex environments.

  1. Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance

    Traditional programming requires cumbersome manual planning, especially in flexible scenarios. Our convex packet model and trajectory optimization algorithm automate obstacle avoidance, generating smooth paths with a single click, ensuring seamless operation without jitter.

  2. Autonomous Planning:RobimGH autonomously assigns axis values for large machining ranges, eliminating the need for manual design. The algorithm also pioneers automated planning for dual external axes, enabling seamless execution of larger-scale projects.

  3. Autonomous Sensing:Leveraging RoLAP's vision technology, RobimGH enables robotic arms to sense and adjust movements for automatic gripping. Applied in Tongji University's truss assembly project, it offers intelligent solutions for flexible assembly scenarios, combined with robotic arm milling and dual-machine collaboration technology.


After 5 years of focused development, we've evolved from RobimGH, a CAD software plugin, to RoBIM, a comprehensive industrial software platform. Our product suite, including RoBIM Cloud, RobimWeld, RobimCut, RobimGrind, RobimBend, and more, caters to diverse industries from construction to manufacturing.

With the growing demand for transformation in traditional industries amid the rapid advancement of intelligent robotics and AIGC, we utilize our industry expertise and continuous innovation to elevate China's smart manufacturing globally through the RoBIM platform. Additionally, we've introduced a collaborative "new engineering" training model based on RobimGH, fostering partnerships with universities worldwide. By integrating RoBIM industrial software and RobimGH learning platform, we aim to pioneer innovative technologies and products in collaboration with our global partners.

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