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RoboticPlus.AI and TJAD Shanghai Building Digital Construction Engineering Technology Research Center reached a joint cooperation

Source:Media newsRelease time:2021-07-17

Meng Hao, CEO of Dajie Robotics (right)

Signed the cooperation agreement with Zhang Zheng (left), president of Engineering Technology Research Institute of Tongji Design Group


        On September 29, Dajie Robot and TJAD Shanghai Architecture Digital Construction Engineering Technology Research Center signed a cooperation agreement. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation based on the profound foundation of Tongji University, which is a centuryold university, and the industrial chain and platform resources they have formed in the industry. We are committed to providing customers with more comprehensive, systematic, effective and innovative overall solutions in digital design, intelligent construction and robot technology in the field of housing and construction engineering. Tongji engineering design group of the institute for Zhang Zheng, deputy chief engineer Wu Honglei, zhang, vice President of the architectural design research, architectural design four yuan Zhu Liang, architectural design, vice President of the two yuan structure wang jf, digital center deputy director, director liu, deputy director of the original design studio architect Qin Shu, big world CEO Meng Hao, COO Lai Guanting, research and development director zhang jian and other people were present at the signing About ceremony.

Representatives of both sides attended the signing ceremony


Shanghai building digital construction engineering technology research center, relying on architectural design and research institute of tongji university (group) co., LTD., tongji university, Shanghai construction machinery group co., LTD. Participate in building engineering technology research center, aiming at building industrialization application, construction of demonstration building digital construction of generic technology research and development platform. The two sides will work together to carry out all-round cooperation in scientific research, projects, brands, university-enterprise cooperation and talent training. Through their industry leading technology and resource advantages, fill the architectural design with digital and robotics, automation of the gap between the production and construction, through the intelligence of the hardware and software technologies to generate design, processing and the construction of the comprehensive results, and then from different levels of the time, materials, production and construction optimization of resources, and realize the cost control and the optimization of product quality.

Technical exchange panel

        At the signing ceremony, Meng Hao pointed out the difficulties faced by the current construction industry and dajie through intelligent robots, to provide comprehensive intelligent construction solutions for construction factories, to achieve the construction industry mass customization and flexible production demand. At the same time, the development and application of Dajie construction robot products has broken the technological monopoly of foreign high-end manufacturing equipment in the field of construction, realized the subversive innovation in the field of construction, liberated the labor force, improved the working environment, and attracted more young forces to return to the construction industry.

        Zhang Zheng said they want to sign this as an opportunity to both sides to establish information exchange, resource sharing, interactive technology, cooperation and win-win long-term mechanism, by building a robot technology, in the complex shaped concrete complex aluminum alloy components, complex timberwork component production application scenarios such as in-depth cooperation, to achieve technological breakthroughs and mutual benefit.

        In the coming year, the two sides will actively explore and commit to the realization of the goals of building demonstration projects, promoting construction robotics technology and special construction techniques, carrying out the application of scientific research projects and cultivating new engineering talents.

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