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Intelligent Metalworking System Earns Spot on Shanghai's Premier High-End Intelligent Equipment Breakthrough List

Source:RoboticPlus.AIRelease time:2024-04-10

RobiticPlus.AI's "Autonomous Perception and Decision-Making Intelligent Robot Metal Processing System" has clinched a spot on Shanghai's esteemed "High-End Intelligent Equipment International First Breakthrough Special List," securing dedicated financial backing. This cutting-edge system, rooted in the RoBIM framework, revolutionizes metal processing by seamlessly integrating autonomous perception and decision-making capabilities. Bridging crucial gaps in China's industrial robot software landscape, it facilitates intelligent, uninterrupted production cycles encompassing cutting and welding operations.

Its adaptability extends beyond industrial settings to sectors like construction, shipbuilding, and coal machinery. Our solutions, including the RobimCut for coal machinery and the profile 3D cutting robot at Jiangnan Shipyard, have garnered acclaim for their stability and process enhancements.

In construction, our intelligent steel welding robot optimizes operations by interpreting diverse drawing and model formats, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiency through automated processes.

This milestone underscores RobiticPlus.AI's unwavering commitment to innovation, propelling Shanghai towards its goal of global manufacturing excellence and cementing the "Made in China" brand's international prominence through AI-driven advancements.

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