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To define the future building | 2020 big industry robot product launch

Source:Media newRelease time:2021-08-05

        On August 15, 2020,RoboticPlus.AI a new force of intelligent construction in China, held the "Defining future Architecture -- dajie Robot product Launch Conference 2020" in Jiading Intelligent Factory in Shanghai. Many distinguished guests from well-known universities, large construction enterprises, construction culture companies, technology companies and investment institutions witnessed the highlight moment of dajie robot enterprise white paper and the release of software and hardware products.

        Mi Wenzhong, director of the information center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, said in his speech that the government and relevant ministries will increase policy support for the coordinated development of intelligent construction and construction industrialization, and encourage venture capital and industrial investment in the field of intelligent construction. It aims to build "Builtchina" into the world's leading core competitiveness by 2035 and enter the ranks of the world's construction technology powers.

Mi Wenzhong, director of the Information Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, delivered a speech

-- Star Lecture Hall --

        At the Starry Sky lecture hall, Ding Lieyun, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Enabling new Infrastructure and Developing New Business Forms", and proposed that "intelligent construction" is not simply the superposition of digital technology and construction technology, but the deep integration of the two. The future trend of intelligent construction lies in: changing the way of construction -- industrialization of construction; Enhance the value of construction -- service of construction; And change the business model -- build platforms.

        Academician Ding hopes that construction practitioners represented by Dajie Robot can seize the historical opportunity of the new round of scientific and technological revolution, realize the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, and turn from a big construction country to a strong construction country.

Ding Lieyun, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a keynote speech

-- Corporate White Paper "Defining future Architecture" released --

        Meng Hao, founding partner and CEO of Dajie Robot, released a white paper and introduced the company's core development and strategic planning. The vision of the company to realize intelligent manufacturing in the entire construction industry is based on the intelligent building robot software system -- ROBIM, which has been developed since the day of its establishment.

Dajie founding partner Meng Hao issued a white paper

        As the core of Dajie robot research and development, ROBIM software system will continue to accumulate and empower the entire construction industry at three levels. At the Unit level, ROBIM, as a building industry software, connects building digital models through modular intelligent algorithms, ADAPTS to various robots and sensors, and can realize offline and online simulation of production. At the System level, by deploying universal robot hardware and software systems, build digital factories and realize industrial production of buildings; At the Network level, build a digital matrix production Network, realize the production coordination of multiple factories through industrial Internet technology, and find a better construction scheme.

Enterprise Vision Interpretation

Standardize now big field robot intelligent building system includes: wood, steel, aluminum materials, sheet metal, stone, building mold, polymer materials, such as fiber composites, and which penetrated into the more than 50 factory building, and with the help of the original building production network to digital matrix production network promotion.

Defining the Future of Architecture will be released in September

-- Dajie ROBIM system and APE chassis product release --

        Zhang Jian, r&d director of Dajie Robotics, released a new and highly anticipated software and hardware product -- ROBIM system and APE building chassis product.

        ROBIM 1.0 software system, has achieved three levels of product deepening. The user uses a cross-platform interaction mode, which is easy to learn. The user can directly operate and see the effect of real-time robot simulation on the web page. The computing center in the cloud realizes the intelligent scheduling of tasks and the collaborative work of multiple hardware or multiple factories to ensure the optimal efficiency of the entire production process. Terminal is a kind of modular hardware idea, through the joint intelligent scheduling system to realize the cluster work of multiple robots, multiple CNC equipment, and logistics AGV, so as to ensure the stability of the robot processing premise, expand the scope of work, improve flexibility, flexibility and freedom.

Defining the Future of Architecture will be released in September

        For the terminal, the ROBIM system will also be equipped with a powerful chassis, APE1.0, to meet the needs of high density load, building space awareness, complex ground, multiple accessories carrying, and more building scenarios.

Dajie R&D director Zhang Jian released Dajie APE chassis products

        APE1.0 360-degree radar coverage, ensuring 2cm high positioning accuracy and safety; The SYSTEM based on Robim can quickly connect to the BIM model for SLAM positioning. The unique four-wheel navigation algorithm realizes the functions of autonomous path planning and obstacle circling, ensuring the flexibility and safety. In the face of complex tasks, it can carry a mechanical arm, or carry a lifting system and a mechanical arm, or independently undertake logistics tasks; The large load of the chassis can meet the requirements of multiple scenarios in factories and construction sites.

        APE1.0 will be open for order during ciIE 2020, and parts can be adjusted according to customers' actual needs.

APE 1.0 (Chimpanzee) -- Universal building chassis

        After this session, Huang Huijie, president of Shanghai Robot Industry Technology Institute, issued CR product certification to Dajie's construction robot mobile chassis, which marked that Dajie's products had been recognized by national authorities in terms of safety and reliability.

Dajie Robot CR certification awarding ceremony

-- Round Table Forum-- 

        Big Business Forum

        Yang Fuchun, deputy general manager of China Construction Information Management Department, lu Zhen, assistant president of Guanglian Da, Zhou Binggao, vice chairman and president of Nantong No. 3 Construction Company, Rong Xing, deputy general manager of Shandong Road and Bridge, An Yajun, deputy general manager of Fangda Construction Group, Dai Ling, deputy general manager and chief engineer of China Construction Railway Investment Group participated in the discussion.

        As the strategic partner of Dajie Robot, the forum guests recognized dajie Robot's flexible construction technology, which has solved many problems in the industry, such as labor shortage, poor construction quality, low production efficiency and so on, realized high-precision automatic production in factories, and promoted the quality and efficiency of the construction industry. At the same time, we also look forward to further exploration and cooperation with Dajie in road and bridge construction, steel processing, glass curtain wall and other scenes, and jointly promote the coordinated development of intelligent construction and building industrialization.

        "Academic Forum"

        By the school of architecture, tsinghua university professor, DADA jointly sponsors wei-guo xu, Chinese Academy of Engineering lie-yun ding, architecture and urban development of zhejiang university, associate professor wen-ju li, deputy director of the center for international studies at huazhong university of science and technology of architecture professor and doctoral tutor bao-feng li, school of civil engineering of tongji university professor and doctoral tutor Lu Yujie, Fan Wenbing, director, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Architecture, School of Design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Guo Shuai, professor, doctoral supervisor of Shanghai University and vice president of Shanghai Robot Industry Technology Institute participated in the discussion.

        In the academic forum, experts and scholars from various universities discussed their views on talent training. The foundation of intelligent construction is artificial intelligence, which requires interdisciplinary talents. While laying a good theoretical foundation, architectural talents should pay more attention to practical ability. We encourage dajie Robot to establish cooperation with intelligent construction laboratories of universities, and help universities to better train more composite intelligent construction talents through dajie's scientific research technology and industrial practice.

        "Investor Forum"

        Hosted by Wang Huai, founder of Linear Capital, Sun Chong, partner of Ceyuan Venture Capital, Zhou Jian, CEO of Microsoft Accelerator, Xia Zuoquan, founder of Zhengxuan Investment, Lu Juan, managing director of Research and development department of Citic Construction Investment Securities, Xu Maorong, head of Artificial Intelligence Ecology of Intel participated in the discussion.

        Founders or executives of investment institutions discussed the development prospects of intelligent construction and 100 times the return of investment opportunities in the forum. The market space of construction equipment is about 5 trillion yuan/year, and the field of artificial intelligence + construction is still the blue ocean, so the direction of construction industrialization has attracted much attention. The present investors are optimistic about dajie's core technology and business model, and expect Dajie to ride the wind and waves in the field of intelligent construction.

        "CiBER Forum"

        Hosted by Zhang Zheng, President of Tongji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Meng Hao, founder and CEO of Dajie Robotics; Cao Yunan, partner and CEO of Ailit Robotics; Shao Tianlan, founder and CEO of Mercal Robot; Ren Yao, regional technical director of Autodesk greater China; Zhang Zhaohui, founder and CEO of Youai Intelligent Robot; and Qian Yanfeng, head of global marketing for Thermoplastic composites of Covestro The discussion.

        As the initiator of CiBER (International Construction Robot Industry Alliance), Dajie is committed to building a new ecology of resource sharing and integration in the construction industry, promoting the advantages of key enterprises to give full play to. Examples include the "hands" of Aerite, the "eyes" of Mercadander, the "feet" of Uai, the BIM technology of Autodesk and the development of Covestro composites. Dajie will continue to interact closely with upstream and downstream partners, make bold breakthroughs, and continue to innovate to drive the transformation and upgrading of China's construction industry.

        The future has come, the hot summer can not stop the pace of development of intelligent construction. The thriving team will surely live up to the great trust and empower the innovation of traditional industries! See you at the next press conference!

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