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Good news | large industry robot was named "2020 China's most potential enterprise award"

Source:Media newsRelease time:2021-08-05

        On September 18, 2020, "Ernst & Young Fudan China's Most Promising Enterprises" 2020 award ceremony and high-growth Enterprises theme seminar was held in Beijing. This year, there are 37 finalists, which are excellent enterprises with great potential in different fields such as medical and health, biotechnology, artificial intelligence automation, mobile travel, space technology, soft and hard technology, and innovative services. After two rounds of strict selection, Dajie Robot won the "2020 China Most Potential Seed Company award" with its leading intelligent construction technology and products, as well as strong growth potential and innovation ability. Companies in the field of artificial intelligence automation are: Horizon, Teslian, Jijijia and Ti Mi Robot.

"Ernst & Young Fudan China's Most Promising Enterprise" 2020 award ceremony

        "Ernst & young fudan Chinese the most potential companies award" is one of the most authoritative selection in domestic financial sector, by the world's most authoritative accounting and financial information company ernst &young and China's top professional university, fudan university school of management, combining the aims to identify and sustained high growth potential of China's enterprises, explore China's strategic industry for the future of the industry. It is reported that over the past few years, A total of more than 180 outstanding companies on the list, of which more than 30 in the United States, Hong Kong or A shares completed listing, more than 20 have grown into unicorns. The fact that Dajie Robot won this award shows that the capital market recognizes dajie's excellent performance and future growth.

Hu Yuchen from CSO was invited to attend the award ceremony (second from right)

        The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has had a great impact on the production and survival of Chinese enterprises, but as a leading construction robot company in China, Dajie Robot has achieved resilience growth in the face of emergencies. By providing the construction industry with robot-intelligent construction solutions, help them quickly resume production and keep normal operation. Independent research and development of China's first connected construction BIM data end with robots built production ROBIM construction industry software, can automatically identify the building model, quickly generate robot machining path, support a variety of building materials and construction process, to meet the demand of mass customization and flexible production, after the outbreak era for the construction industry to provide the winning edge tool.

Building industry software - ROBIM

        In the future, in the field of intelligent construction, Dajie Robot will adhere to innovation and r&d drive, go deep into the industry scene, constantly polish the ultimate construction robot products, and promote the construction industry towards industrialization, information and intelligence.

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